I want all play and no work. Is that too much to ask? I’m taking a brief pause from adult responsibilities in order to rant here about my disgust for detailed traveling tasks like searching for hotels.

I’ve got to know the area I’ll be visiting. I’ve got to know distances between points of interest. I’ve got to check prices and availability. I’ve got to read 3 or 4 reviews. That’s all I’ve got patience for. Now I’ve got to compare prices and pros and cons. Gosh darn it, I’d rather just sleep on a floor somewhere then do these things.

Some people are built for this stuff. I have a friend, my travel companion and a badass chick, who has the energy and adultiness to do these things far in advance. I see her face, the laser focus of her mind, the narrowing of her eyes when she is searching the web and making travel arrangements. I think she rather enjoys it. I’m afraid to ask her, lest I brand her as a weirdo forever. She’s one of those adults that adults like me want to be like. Kinda. She does adult things like pay the extra money for travel insurance. She does adult things like convince me to pay for it as well.

I’m more of a fast and loose type of gal. I just want to show up and enjoy. That’s what I would love to do for our upcoming trip to Thailand. But alas! I’ve been assigned the task of finding and booking a hotel for our second stop in Krabi. It didn’t seem like a big deal to her, I know. I feel like I’m staring at a monster that is staring back at me, challenging my ADD. She has sent me and our other fellow traveler dozens of links to places we should go and things we should do. And in all that time, I am still staring at computer screens trying to decide on one lodging place and making no progress.

I’m not any closer to an option today as I was a week ago. Does anyone else struggle with this aspect of travel? My brain is on fire. If any of you dear readers just want to give me the answer, tell me where we should stay, I’d be eternally grateful. That comes without any physical reward. But you’ll know that you’ve saved me a hundred brain cells that are currently spontaneously combusting due to overexertion and sheer annoyance. This aspect, for me, is the ugly side of travel. Keep in mind that I haven’t experienced bedbugs in hostels yet. Can’t wait to write about those!

At the end of the day, I am incredibly happy to be able to even contemplate travel to anywhere, especially a place like Thailand. For many it’s only a dream. Hell, it still feels like a dream to me. So maybe I should put on my big girl britches and keep searching. Which doesn’t mean that I’m not still hoping someone drops me the name of a reasonably priced, moderate accommodations, on or near the beach name of a hotel for me to book.

Thanks for listening (and dropping a name)!